Rest in Peace, Erika

My friend Erika Langhart passed away on November 24, 2011. She was beautiful, brilliant, hardworking, openhearted and could find humor and absurdity in the most mundane situations.

The last time Erika and I were alone together, we had met for dinner at Sushi Sushi off of Wisconsin Ave., which has since closed. We ate too much and drank lots of delicious wine and spent hours just talking. I got to dance with her at our friend Angie’s wedding a year later.

Some of the best nights I experienced in college were with Erika. She knew how to let go and have a good time and then get up early and work hard the next day. Her energy was as magnetic as her beauty was striking. She was blunt, but never sharp. She was sweet and playful.

I haven’t had much contact with her since we graduated from college in 2009, and of course now I wish so much that I had. But I have thought of her often, usually when traveling the world and finding myself in an unexpected but exciting place.

Erika, I hope you are at peace, somewhere.


One thought on “Rest in Peace, Erika

  1. Jennifer, thank you so very much for sharing your memories with Erika, it warms our hearts. Our sweet daughter will truly live on because of good friends like you. Thank you for being her friend.

    With much love,
    Rick and Karen

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